December 4, 2006

The UN's #1 mustache resigns

Apparently, the prospect of irking the incoming Democratic Congress (further) didn't appeal to the President. It doesn't sound like anyone at the UN will miss him, either. I'm guessing that the BoltonWatch blog will die a natural death now as well, along with this spirited defense of the (former) UN Ambassador and Plenipotentiary Extraordinaire. Even the good Fellows at the Heritage Foundation had to cede that Bolton wasn't the most popular figure at the UN, though perhaps, given current American attitudes towards the UN, that's not a contest you'd want to win. I wonder how much lower that public opinion might be if we all learned what nations sat on the human rights committee or if the Oil-for-Food scandal became enough of a scandal to distract us from shopping, professional sports, video games, movies, television and celebrity culture.

Maybe the departure of such an iconic mustache from the world stage, as the new Democratic Congress takes office, will in turn gift the UN with an ambassadors that both represents the best interests of Americans and more gracefully bear the burden of being a hyperpower with undeniable strategic interests.

Whoever is nominated, I doubt we'll be seeing a 'stache to match Bolton's any time soon.

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