December 6, 2006

Just white and nerdy enough.

You know you're a redneck nerd when you get all of the references in Weird Al's latest single.

Though I'm not quite as far out on the deep end as his caricature, I qualify easily by that standard.

I doubt that shocks anyone.


gimpadelic said...

Didn't you already post this weeks ago?

gimpadelic said...

Though I shoudl say for the record that I also got every single reference in that song. And wasn't that Seth Green in the background?

Xander said...

Actually, you're confusing me forwarding you the link to the video on YouTube with embedding it on this blog. I think. I went back and checked through September and didn't see a Weird Al link -- but I could be wrong.

Robot Chicken was definitely a part of the video. There are quite of few those quick visual nods to nerdy insiders.

ROTFLOL. Or something.

Nice to know you're out there, Gimp.