December 4, 2006

Another step in the right direction

Some happy news today at work, where eight months of labor apparently have led to a promotion. More on that to come later, as the New Year begins.

So that's happy news.

I've set my phone up with Flickr to automatically post here, though given the low quality I'm not thrilled about the arrangement.

Other news? I'm following an engrossing thread over at the Belmont Club, following upon this cover story, "Open Source Spying" in the NYTimes Sunday Magazine. Two posts, Blog and Blog2, examine how blogging and intelligence collection are increasingly converging and intermingling, all in the public sphere. Intellipedia aside, we're all analysts now.

While it's a bit painful to hear of the closed pools of intel (nothing new, as we've learned in numerous post-mortem of 9/11), it's extraordinary to see how much has occurred around the democratization of intelligence online and the ability of the masses (crowdsourcing, anyone?) to analyze and disseminate the worthy memes.

We're not quite at the singularity yet, to be sure, but the online hive mind just keeps growing.

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