February 4, 2007

My favorite Superbowl spots, courtesy of YouTube

Go YouTube. This page of Superbowl ads is a thing of viral marketing beauty.

My favorites?

6. Snickers

5. Rock, Papers, Scissors -- Bud Lite
One of the first commercial was also one of the best.

4. Coca-cola

Give a little love and it all comes back to you. How Lennon.

3. Wittiest title nominee: Connectile Disfunction (Sprint Mobile Broadband). The commercial isn't otherwise remarkable but that initial cleverness sold me. Mostly.

2. The K-Fed National Insurance ad. Tough call, but seriously, what other ad is generating more buzz?

1. The Robert Goulet appearance in Emerald Nuts actually made me LOL. There it is.

The worst? I love Garmin products, but this was just a mindblowing waste of 2.6 million dollars:

Ditto for SalesGenie:

Like the 2000 Superbowl ad season but perhaps even worse.

Update: Gizmodo posts on the SuperBowl ads more extensively -- and with awards, no less. GizFunny. Of note is that the iFilms render and play much more smoothly, IMHO.

Update II: The lonely GM robot was sadly overlooked. Score another one for anthropomorphizing our machines.

Update III: Embarrassment descends. I've been given a scathing dressing down for overlooking the Blockbuster spot that has some priceless neoLuddite humor that provoked a belly laugh. I don't know how I forgot to include this....too much time fussing over crab cakes, clearly. I think I even prefer this over Goulet.

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Robyn said...

Nice review, but I'd have to bump the Snickers ad way up the list. That one killed me... though the Champagne of Beers may have had something to do with that.