February 4, 2007


NYTimes writers are getting pretty cute with article titles -- but then, we all have to these days. This "BrewTube" article from the pages of the Old Grey Lady's magazine is once again well calibrated to the moment. It will arrive on the doorsteps of readers preparing to watch the SuperBowl of ads (along with Da Bears and the Colts), at least one of which was completely crowdsourced.

Bud.tv, however, is neither cute not a joke, though there are funny things to be found there. In effect, Anheuser-Busch has created its own online cable network, though for now pretty interface houses commercials, trailers and little else -- promises of enhanced content and shows are still coming soon.

If this campaign works for them, I imagine this accelerate the trend of companies creating online communities of users, customers or clients as a means of building both brand awareness and loyalty.

I think it will take much more than this for me to prefer a Bud over a Guinness, Belgian or homebrew.

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robynsong0423 said...

I kind of like the Bud meets Project Greenlight idea, but can't say that will make me visit the site or give me the warm, fuzzies for their cold product. Bud is not high on my very limited list of favorite brews no matter what their coolness factor... Then again, I'm not a member of Bud's target audience. They may have to team up with Project Runway to get me on board.

Wasn't Bud one of the first to steer away from typical beer commercials, too? I'm recalling Spuds MacKenzie here...