February 6, 2007

Guilty displeasures

Tonight was the last night of first round auditions for American Idol. I'm glad. I haven't seen it all this year -- not even close -- but the parts of it I have caught have far too much of the judges laughing at the contestants. I know that the system is rigged to filter for the far ends of the talent distribution curve, that the audience is tuning in for both the awful auditions and the transcedent ones. I like the latter -- I like thinking [damn, the girl/guy can sing ] -- but the bad ones veer far too close into cruelty. Eh. Like I said, I'm happy to turn my attention elsewhere.

I did notice an ad for downloadable ring tones of awful auditions, the first time I'd seen the promo. Ick. I can't wait to be around when those enter the teenage population.

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