August 1, 2006


While I could blog about sea kayaking or cycling in Acadia (which I did) or about the three stitches in my sprained right ankle (which itch and pull occasionally) or about the rapid movement of events in Lebanon that Newt Gingrich persists in calling the beginning of WWIII, instead of drawn to things just a bit more funny.

Stephen Colbert managed to crash the servers at Wikipedia with traffic generated from mentioning the site on his show last night, thereby provoking the registered user community there to "semi-protect" the entries relevant to his show, the Colbert Report.

CNET blogs about it here.

The big chuckle is that the words with the most attention were "truthiness," his very own contribution to the new millenium's political lexicon of snark, and "wikiality," a typically sly comment on the nature of entries in the world's largest encyclopedia.

That Colbert coined the term is no shock - he and his large writing staff have proven themselves to be masters of the droll, irony laden satiric singular expression recently - and urging his listeners to go change different wiki entries he created quite an online spectacle.

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