July 18, 2006

On losing one's blogging mojo

Because another blogger has linked here, I'm unfortunately obligated to update the blog, if only to acknowledge how long it's been since I posted here.

I've been busy.

Maintaining this page just seemed to become the lowest priority of many demands for my time, not least because the few people that identified me with it were more likely to get updates on my life or thoughts through direct communication.

I'm fortunate enough to be encountering a great many new people and ideas most days, learning even more than expected in the course of defining technology terms, creating an email newsletter, recording podcasts and tracking the online buzz with an eye towards the IT enterprise market.

I'm loving the new job, which perhaps would surprise few people who know me.

I've also spent time grieving over the loss of a dear uncle in Maryland and then Maine.

I miss him every day. I've spent the time I needed to decide how I want to honor him in the way I lead my life and the place my family should occupy in my life.

I've been lucky enough to have some marvelously restorative time fishing for striper in Newburyport, sea kayaking in Downeast Maine and hiking in Acadia. I can't wait to head back north later this month.

I'm not at all sure whether I'll recapture my blogging mojo -- where is Beyonce Knowles when I need her? -- or, if I do, if I'll continue to post here.

Time will tell.


mighty shifty said...

would harassing comments inspire you? Or would they just be deleted.

Likely deleted.

Xander said...

Perhaps neither.