May 22, 2006

Jack wiretaps the President

(***Spoiler Alert***)

In tonight's season finale of 24, Jack Bauer manages to bug POTUS, who then completely compromises himself talking to his wife. The episode ends with the Secret Service taking him to custody.

I know FISA doesn't apply. I wonder whether domestic spying laws may pertain?

The secret weapon: a microtransmitter in a pen.

I was buoyed by the stunning arrest of the President, based upon the recorded evidence, until Jack was, quite literally, Shanghaied by Chinese agents.

America is saved from a corrupt President and massive terrorist attacks in exchange for the loss of its greatest anti-hero to the rising power in the Far East. Is there any show that captures the zeigeist any better?

Micropersuasion reports that over two thirds of the blogosphere is now in Chinese.

I wonder which Mandarin-English translation software will connect the Anglosphere to the Sinasphere?


mighty shifty said...

No Spoiler alert?

Now that I know the end I might as well kill myself instead of watching the recording I made on my trusty betamax player.

Xander said...

I put one in.

Thanks, MS. Good thought.

Don't go taking your life over 24.

Your snark is worth far too much.

mighty shifty said...

I will live on if only to harass then.