January 3, 2008

New year, old resolutions

I may be slightly behind the curve in posting a list of resolutions, but then I've had other priorities over the past week.

That being said, it was time for some housekeeping. I removed the widgets from my sidebar that were cluttering up the page and weren't adding much value to any casual user.

I've ditched the long blogroll and links to magazines, neither of which represent what reading these days. Instead, I've simply added the feeds of friends, near and far. For those interested, my linkblog and shared delicious bookmarks are still there to be explored.

Other resolutions:

  • Exercise more
  • Volunteer
  • Tell my family and friends that I care about them more often
  • Write daily with passion, precision and pithiness
  • Pursue creative outlets in woodworking, painting, photography and Web design
  • See the dentist, now that I've dealt with the doctor
  • Better prepare my truck for offroad use and learn to get myself out of sticky situations in the backcountry
  • Be a better editor, whatever the medium -- sound, video or text
  • Read more, watch less.
  • Fish smarter and earlier
  • Be greener
  • Become more involved and invested in social media
  • Most of all, love myself and those around me; karma comes around.

I know that if I can persevere through the past year's challenges, 2008 will be a cinch. Here's to the year ahead.

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