January 11, 2007

My new mouse: the Logitech Revolution MX

Up until very recently, I thought the wireless Mighty Mouse that the Biostat Belle had purchased for her iBook was the coolest mouse I'd ever used. Absurdly easy Bluetooth connectivity, great either-hand form factor, and, best of all, 360-degree scroll ball right where your index finger tends to rest.

Being able to scroll sideways is kind of mindblowing if you work on plaintext documents and source code that tends to stretch out beyond the boundaries of your screen.

So that was it, my gold standard. No longer -- and it's tough saying that. I love the Mighty Mouse.

Enter the Logitech MX Revolution.

I read about it in (suprise) Wired, and, when I was in Microcenter picking up a new VoIP headset for podcasting and a webcam on Monday, I bought one in one of the most blatant impulse buys of technology I've indulged in since, well, my purchase of an MDA last year.

I'm genuinely suprised at how much my productivity has increased this week at work. Things are just faster and easier -- and I've barely begun programming the darn thing. The "hyperscroll" wheel works as advertised. And it just feels good in my hand. Ah, technophilia.

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