January 7, 2007

A greyhound makes a new Guinness World Record high jump, clearing 68 inches at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge

That was easily the longest blog post title I've written -- but then "Cindy" was pretty impressive.

I watched her clear a barrier 68 inches high in once extraordinary bounce just after noon today on the television. By doing so, she broke the record she had herself set set earlier in 2003 at the same event.

Greyhounds, traditionally one of the more earthbound breeds due to the intensive sprint-training most racing dogs receive, equipping them to move in a wholly horizontal direction and often building hyperdeveloped muscle mass. When I first adopted show, his musculature was defined in much the same way that a professional body builder's body sculpting would be. Apparently, Cindy has been trained since she was a puppy in agility and leaping skills. It shows in her body, much more lean and whip-strong than that of ex-racers.

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