May 24, 2007

Angelina Jolie gets geotattooed

According to this story in the Daily Mail, Angelina Jolie has geotagged herself in a rather permanent way.

Lockets of hair just don't cut it in 21st century celebrity, apparently.

The coordinates of the tattoo on her arm, above, represent coordinates in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Namibia, and Vietnam, each string of characters representing the location of birth for one of her four children.

I admit it: I think this is pretty cool.

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Eric Pierce said...

Yeah, the viles of blood were a bit weird, hair is kinda romantic in a stalker kind of way.

But I like the tattoo idea. I've always kind of wanted one, but never had an image or word that I felt could justify a permanent brand. This is definitely a good one.

Now I just need to go out and get some kids... :P