November 15, 2006

KFC from space: mapvertising writ LARGE

This story is pretty amazing, on the face of it. KFC just launched the "Face from Space." It's an 87,500 square-foot image of Colonel Sanders near Area 51 in the Nevada desert. Apparently, it took a crew working around the clock for 3,000 hours to create the top-secret project.

Here's the full press release.

Here's the thing: the press release claims it's the first brand or logo visible from space in a big, bold headline.


Of course, the online community immediately found that fact to be incorrect, as witnessed by this much Dugg post on Google Sightseeing.

The folks there indicate that neither Google Earth, Maps, Mapquest or any other commercially available satellite imaging product carries imagery of this area. I wonder who they expect to see it? Russian techs operating spy satellites trying to look at Area 51? Does Putin have a taste for chicken? Or is it just about being the correct answer to a geography trivia question?

I was a bit ahead of the curve selecting "mapvertising" as a buzzword last week, apparently.

Hat tip to Amber MacArthur for offering more context for the story than this image, which I picked up on Yahoo's Most-Emailed page.

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