October 5, 2006

The war in Iraq and its critics

Whether or not you agree with his analysis of current events in Iraq and around the world, VDH brings the lens of historical perspective acutely to bear upon the most recent spate of books and pundits eviscerating the Bush administration's conduct before, during and after the end of "major operations" in Iraq. Read the article here.

While I see his point with regards to proper footnoting and attribution, given the current state of affairs in the federal government and American military, it's not hard to see why sources would prefer to remain anonymous and military officials to keep their names out of print.

On the other hand, I've read Cobra II, Fiasco and Woodward's first two books, Bush at War and Plan of Attack (still waiting to get my hands on State of Denial) and I find it somewhat remarkable that VDH dismisses the concerns, timelines and details to be found within blithely.

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