September 26, 2006

Standing by your work

I've included a number of Grazr plugins on the blog now, each featuring the RSS feeds for content I produce at work. This blurs the line between personal and business a bit, but for those of you who are interested in what I'm up to these days, it should make it a bit easier.

The Word of the Day is just that - a tech term or concept that we send out using email every day, along with featuring it on the Web site. I compose and edit the Buzzword newsletter and write, record, edit and produce the Tech Buzzword of the Week podcast. Most of the time, that's all reasonably fun and interesting.

I'm blogging, albeit in a downright 1996 kind of way (reverse chronological posts on a static web page, handcoded in HTML with no comments, trackback, tags or any of the other wizbang improvements that have cropped up over the past decade.)

Even so, that's what I'm up to most days, though I still find some time to indulge my love for fishing, fine cooking, cycling, hiking and consuming slightly absurd amounts of printed and digital media.

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